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I am the sort of person who must have a compelling reason for doing something. Of course, I think that everyone is just like me so that’s why I have to explain the reason why you should consider what I think about blogging. I have been blogging long enough, I think that I’m an “experienced blogger.” It’s been around eighteen months; not nearly as long as other established bloggers , but certainly enough to have a real understanding of the basics of blogging. I’ve spent these 18 months, not in recording half-hearted, or trivial notes and scribbles to fill out pages and pages, but in intense concentration and well-thought out posts. Sometimes, I had to struggle with these posts. My mistakes since my first blog began could fill a book and the experience itself is valuable, especially for those who don’t wish to make the same mistakes I’ve made.

I am no longer a “newbie.” I’ve had this experience. Also, if you’re a new blogger, or considering beginning your own blog, this article will give you a sort of realistic glimpse into this very popular venue of personal expression so you can make a decision early on what you’d like to do or if you are really interested in becoming active in blogging. Even veteran bloggers can be interested in being able to compare their experience with mine , and then use this to gauge the level of improvement they’ve achieved or what else they would like to accomplish. If you’ve been paying attention, let’s have pleasant conversations concerning what it is like to have a “blogging process.”

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I’ve never thought of myself as an “blogger.” I had no idea that I would become involved in blogging. I thought this was meant for people who have little or having no interest outside of the home; people with a lot of time to spare or who were socially difficult, uninformed, agoraphobic, or even lycanthropic (people who believe they’re actually, werewolves). I wanted none of that. There may bloggers who fall in these categories, but there are, I am certain, teachers, politicians, professional people and friends who belong to any of these categories too. It doesn’t mean that teaching, politics, professions or other professions dominated by socially unfriendly types are not worth pursuing. This is why I decided to give blogging a shot. I was interested in Internet business , and I also liked writing, so blogging was the best option for me in the time I had.

I have since learned, that blogging is very popular and exciting because so many types of people are using blogs. Besides the antisocial types There are also very friendly and sociable types and everyone can produce successful blogs. It’s truly a popular art form, which implies that you can find so many kinds of blogs and that the industry is one of the “content-rich” source of creativity. There are some poor blogs, yes. There are also some extraordinarily superb blogs. There’s a lot to be said for everything. Blogging is accessible for everyone to both create and enjoy.

When I think about the things I’ve learned from blogging, I’m thinking first about the commitment that one takes when becoming a blogger. It isn’t like making a research paper for school, where you could create a paper and then be done with it. It is more than a journalist, only, with deadlines that you set yourself. Once you have a blog and people discover it, you are under some sort of social obligation to keep running your blog until such time as you decide to end it and eliminate it from circulation. Of course , you do not have to run your blog but as long as you manage it and give the proper attention to your blog, you will be successful in sports, arts or any activity requiring the use of effort and skills.

This is the second thing that I learned: The greater the effort a blogger exerts on his blog, the more serious or she is about creating interesting content and upgrading the blog using widgets and applications. To improve the functionality to better serve visitors, the better the blog will be as shown by positive feedback and growing traffic. The blogging process isn’t particularly complicated but it is a lot of an effort; at times, it can be a significant one. It is also time-consuming: With experience, writing blog posts and handling other tasks associated with managing blogs (such answering comments, deleting spam messages and even adding advertisements) gets easier and less time-consuming, however some time is required in performing these tasks.

Another important lesson is that blogging is a lot of fun. If you are a writer who enjoys developing ideas, and training yourself to be more aware to come up with new angles and uniquely different methods of analyzing a topic You’ll enjoy blog-related activities. You’ll have fun.

Is there a certain personality type that is especially well-suited for blogging? I was reading comments on a blog recently in which a blogger mentioned that she believed that an extrovert is well equipped to handle the demands of blogging due to the social aspect of this Internet artwork. She felt that an extrovert “people- person” is more apt to interact with readers than less social types and would be more comfortable dealing with visitors, just as, perhaps, a retail shop owner would be in dealing with customers at an actual store. I agree with her opinion but that is not the only thing to consider. The blog is a public site as well. (hopefully) many thousands readers will browse your blog. I believe it can make your life easier and more enjoyable if you enjoy people and enjoy interacting with them the way that many popular bloggers communicate with readers.

Blogging, however, is different in comparison to simply exchanging emails or socialising in a physical environment: it’s digital socializing which means that even though the individuals are real however, you don’t get to see them. There is a vast difference in having 15,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 viewers at an event where you’re performing on stage to greetthem, inform, entertain, and respond to questions. It is the same number who visit your blog when you are able to effortlessly interact with them when you are sitting in your pajamas with a cup of coffee or whatever you’re holding in your hands. A true extrovert could manage the first situation and be enthralled by the experience without turning into the mud of shame due to stage fright. A shy or shy person would certainly be averse to this kind of social interactions and would avoid it at all costs.

The blogging experience is virtual and allows both extroverts and introverts and all types of personalities to manage the social aspect of blogging with the least discomfort. There are many creative and intelligent people of all kinds who can successfully manage blogs and their social aspects. One important point that I want to declare: I believe it is crucial that bloggers enjoy people even if they aren’t inclined to mingle with crowds. The reason why I’m saying this is due to the fact that I believe that one’s personality can be seen through their writing style , as well as the choice of topic and words. The way you express yourself will tell the readers of your blog about your personality and whether you’re an open, friendly type that is or and vulgar misanthropist. This doesn’t mean that if you are not a nice person your blog won’t be read. Blogs do tend to attract like-minded people, however, generally speaking, people react more positivly to people who are positive. One suggestion I would offer, particularly when you do not yet have a blog , but are thinking about it, is this: “If you hate people and find them annoying you should consider a different activity such as scatology or buoy maintenance or hunting for comets or asteroids from exotic desert areas.”

Another thought that’s come to my mind about blogging is that there are many kinds of blogs which show enormous variation in terms of polish and sophistication. Some are quite elementary and some are even crude. Some are as casual and simple like a chat without self-consciousness with friends. Some are well-crafted that they could even be excerpts from an Doctoral Thesis. The range of writing expertise will be “huge” and when we talk about painting, it would be like some of the people painting with numbers, and some great artists who create masterpieces.

Blogging is so universally accessible that we share our field with talented professional journalists, writers and business executives (and some exceptional “ordinary” non-professional writers) and a handful of barely literate, often inept, untrained “non-writers” who manage somehow to communicate through the written word despite their lack of expertise. The beauty of this mix of different backgrounds and levels of expertise is that there’s nothing wrong with this. It is “all-good,” in the sense that blogging is a truly egal-opportunity craft and, regardless of the outcome, there are readers of every skill level, also who prefer the style, subject matter and writing style they are the most at ease with. It is”the “Marketplace” along with the reader preferences of “blog users” contribute to shaping the industry and the art.

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