How Do I Start Blogging and Make Money?

The great thing is that if you’re a good writer and are passionate about certain subjects you can earn money through blogging. Even if you are not interested in a particular topic but are convinced that it’s an appropriate subject to promote there are a lot of volumes of content that you can write about. Don’t worry about not having enough content.

Here are the five main steps you must take to answer the classic question How do I begin blogging and make money What are the steps to take to start a blog and make money?

1. Choose between a blog hosted for free and a self-hosted blog

“Make money from blogs” and

‘how do I make money from

blogs?’ is an overly simplistic question to ask in the blogging game. Instead of focusing on making money through your blog in the beginning of the blog, you should to start with a more fundamental question. It is essential to begin your blog by asking yourself: “How do I begin blogging and earn money from it?

First things first. It is important to concentrate on the basic aspects of beginning. There is nothing more essential than choosing between a free-hosted blog like,, tumblr among others, or a self-hosted blog. Visit:-

Self-hosted blogs involve getting servers and installing wordpress or some other popular blog software that is free. The major benefit of working to a host that is free is that you don’t pay anything. Everything-from hosting to your blog’s address to your blog’s design-is provided by the hosting platform. The disadvantage of this strategy is that, even if your website grows in popularity, you might not have a buyer or receive low offers because the buyer doesn’t get to manage or transfer the blog.

On the other hand, going with a self-hosted blog will give you the most theme flexibility and performance. You are also able to sell your blog without charge. The disadvantage is that you must pay for hosting, domain registration, theme modifications as well as paid plugins and other costs related to it.

Step 2: Pick a winning niche

The key to the question “how can I make money from a blog to make money?’ is in the area that you decide to pursue. You must choose the right one. In the event that you don’t, you won’t earn any money through your blog. Seriously. You have to consider the following three aspects when selecting a subject for your website: competitors, passion, search volume and the commercial value.

You have to pick the right niche, one that doesn’t have excessive competition. The more competition you is, the more difficult it will be for you to make money.

Also, you must choose the area you’re passionate about. The more enthusiasm you have for something, the more you’ll be willing to put in the effort to get your dream to be a success. Search volume is vital because you should only choose topics that people are already in search of. If you select a topic that few people are attracted to, your chance of earning money are low to zero.

In the end, you have to decide on the topic of your blog based on commercial value. Utilize Google’s AdWords tool to discover the amount advertisers will pay per click for terms associated with your topic. The more you pay for each click, the greater likelihood of making money from your specific niche.

Step 3: Design a product

There are numerous ways to answer the question “how do I earn money from a blog?’ You can make ads that pay per click. It is possible to run ads that offer you a payment when readers of your blog purchase. It is also possible to run ads that pay you per the installation of software.

While these options could make you money, the best way to make is to make an information-based product such as an ebook, online seminar series, or even an online series of videos. This is the most effective way to tackle the question of “how do I make money through the blog?’ Why? You’re creating a product built around your blog’s readers’ real requirements.

You also get to pay yourself a check because there is no need to divide the profits you earn through an affiliate program as the case if you were selling items for the purpose of earning an affiliate fee.

Additionally, you can ‘upsell your customers to similar affiliate products, which earns gives you a fee. Additionally, you have the freedom to expand your offering by providing web-based training or custom videos. Beyond that the other benefits, there are

There are many ways to “make money from


Step 4: Create a mailing list

Instead of advertising your products on your blog using traditional ads, you can make a mailing list and advertise your list to the readers of your blog. The list of subscribers will receive “free lessons” or “free ebooks’ or some other digital freebies to those who join your list. It is then time to set up your mailing list to deliver useful and useful updates to your members. The more you send the more reliable you appear in their eyes.This makes it easier for them to

“make money through blogs” since you have created

a relationship with them.

Every time you sends an update, include links to your sales webpage of your products. The more credibility and authority you can build with your list members and the more likely they’ll purchase your product.

Step 5: Blog like a star

Many bloggers are asking “how can I get started blogging and earn money?’ They are so focused on making income that they fail to realize they’ll only be successful if they write well. Don’t forget this. It is only possible to answer the question “how can earn money from a blog?’ If you are able to blog regularly and if you post quality updates. If you do not blog for authority and you publish lots of garbage the readers of your blog aren’t enticed to join your mailing list or buy your products. You’ll gain credibility when write guest blog posts on blogs that cover the same subjects as your blog.

Be sure to follow the guidelines above. If you’ve asked yourself “how do I start blogging and earn money How can I start a blog and earn money?’ you only need these steps to follow to the letter. Try new things and keep blogging each day. The more often you blog and the more you improve, the better.

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